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Need a bespoke solution?

We have a huge variety of ready to go rack PCs, mini computers and digital signage PCs. However, when a bespoke system is needed you only need to contact us to discuss your requirements. Click here to see how we helped other customers.

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Rack Computers

View our vast range of short depth industrial rack mountable computers with CPU options from Intel Atom to
i7 or Xeon.

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Mini PC

NEW Nano sized Mini Computer range for digital signage. Mini ITX PCs can be wall or VESA mounted.

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Digital Signage

Small solid state PC perfect for information display systems. Our Nano PC is a wall & monitor mountable mini computer with HD video outputs.

Digital Signage computer. Mini PC that is VESA or wall mountable. View all

Rack PC, Server Computers and Mini Computers built to order

For the last 10 years we have been designing and manufacturing short depth rack mountable and mini computers here in the UK. All of our computer cases are built at our UK head office so we have flexibility over design modifications and results in fast lead times of typically 2-3 days.

Design control is particularly important when you consider products going end of life. Because if you purchase a server or rack PC from us today, we will still be able to supply the same case for years to come.

It also means that when new technology, like Intel's new Haswell CPUs, is released we can get them to the market quickly. Visit our Rack Computer section to see our new Intel Z87 chipset Rack PCs with 4th generation Intel Haswell CPUs.

We have recently expanded our digital signage PC options and will shortly introduce an Intel NUC (Next Unit Computing) solution. Intel NUC is latest ultra compact motherboard format that will drive future technology in a smaller more efficient footprint.

Our Intel NUC mini PC case will take the latest Intel i5 Haswell motherboard with an internal power supply and fanless processor. Keep an eye on our Digital Signage PC section for more information.

Our other digital signage PC, Nano, is a very small computer that has been designed as a simple, cost effective solution for entry level for digital signage & information display applications. It is very reliable, solid state PC and wall or VESA mountable and perfect for HD1080p video playback.

We also offer a custom design service based around our own Rack mount computer and Mini PC cases. Using our 10 years of experience in design, manufacture and Windows Embedded technology we can manufacture custom designed units for quantities of 50 units or more. 

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